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"I understood that it was not enough to denounce injustice. You had to devote your life to fighting it."

Albert CAMUS, The Just Assassins

The Firm


The DJEMAOUN AVOCAT law firm is entirely dedicated to the protection of human rights and civil liberties.


Samy Djemaoun pleads everywhere in France and uses the expertise he has acquired at the Court of Cassation (Supreme Court) and the Council of State law firms at the service of his clients, natural and legal persons, who are subject to an infringement of their legally protected rights and liberties.

avocat libertés fondamentales
Un avocat pour préserver ses libertés fondamentales


Registered on the list of Spanish speaking lawyers - Consulate General of Spain in Paris (DELE lelvel C1)


Winner of the Simone Goldschmidt Prize (2021) awarded each year to 6 "particularly committed", "deserving and talented" lawyers by the Paris Bar and the Fondation de France.

Winner of the Prix Henri Leclerc (2023) - Trophées pro bono with his fellow lawyer Roman SANGUE, for their legal action to provide emergency accommodation for over 200 families with children surviving on the streets.

Former lecturer at UPEC and at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Throughout his academic and professional career, Samy DJEMAOUN has cultivated his passion and developed an expertise in the defense of human rights and civil liberties.

He holds a Master's degree in Public Litigation from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne as well as a degree in Economics and Law from the Toulouse School of Economics. His various experiences in law firms have given him experience in litigation and litigation strategies, and have allowed him to plead effectively before all the general and specialized administrative jurisdictions (administrative court, administrative court, administrative court of appeal, Council of State, National Court of Asylum, disciplinary courts), criminal courts (police court, criminal court and assize court) as well as before the Constitutional Council and the European Court of Human Rights.

Samy DJEMAOUN has developed an expertise in the defense of legally protected rights and freedoms (immigration law, asylum, extradition, disciplinary procedures, police files, elections, medical liability, measures taken under the state of emergency, expropriation... ).

The diverse nature of the law firms working with the nation’s supreme courts has also enabled him to develop expertise in the litigation of construction authorization permits and  in wind farms. 

His experience at the Conseil d'Etat (2nd chamber of the litigation section - decision support unit) gave him the opportunity not only to be at the heart of judicial work - examination of files, presence at hearings and deliberation proceedings - but also to heighten his legal technique and practice in fundamental rights and public liberties (nationality, immigration and asylum law, disciplinary sanctions for sportsmen, in particular). 

His mastery of legislative procedure and his knowledge of the political framework governing the drafting of laws - skills developed during his time at the National Assembly and the Senate - are valuable assets that he uses effectively in the investigation of cases.

He speaks Spanish (DELE C1) and English fluently.


"The fees take into account, according to custom, the client's financial situation, the difficulty of the case, the expenses incurred by the lawyer, his reputation and his diligence (article 10 of law n° 71-1130 of December 31, 1971 reforming certain judicial and legal professions).

DJEMAOUN AVOCAT sets its fees in full transparency as soon as a case is opened so that each client is fully informed of the methods of determining the fees covering the foreseeable diligence as well as all other potential costs, disbursements and fees.

The opening of a file is obligatorily the subject of a fee agreement, except in case of emergency, force majeure, when the firm intervenes under total legal aid or when assisting in non-jurisdictional procedures. Non-jurisdictional procedures include the following cases: police custody, free hearings, detention for the execution of a European arrest warrant or an extradition request, customs detention, detention of foreigners for the purpose of verifying their right of movement or residence, and disciplinary proceedings in relation to the detention of the detained person.

For your information, three types of fees exist:

- Fees based on time spent correspond to an hourly rate invoiced by the firm as the work is executed, taking into account the difficulty of the case and the situation of the client;
- The fixed fees are invoiced as a global sum fixed in advance without any overrun, except with the prior agreement of the client;
  - Mixed fees are composed of a fixed part and a variable part (variable fees depend on the outcome of the case according to a fixed rate determined beforehand). 

In the case of insufficient resources, it is possible to apply for legal aid: The firm is willing to assist you in this process.

Avocat en droit des libertés publiques


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38 avenue de la Grande Armée – 75017 Paris 

(Entrée par le 2 rue Villaret de Joyeuse – 75017 Paris

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Tel : 01 85 08 80 17

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