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Non-contractual liability of the State

Non-contractual liability of the State

The firm assists and represents individuals and legal entities in the context of an action for compensation for damages related to the infringement on a fundamental right and/or civil liberties by the State (e.g.: municipalities, universities, hospitals), a law or an international convention.

  • Strict liability :

  • As a result of a wrongful act

  • Because of a wrongful failure to act

    Examples  :


  • Liability for administrative police activities

  • Liability of the prison administration

  • Medical liability

  • Liability of emergency services

  • Liability without fault:

  • For risk

  • For breach of equality with regard to public burdens

    Examples :


  • Liability for a therapeutic hazard

  • Liability for dangerous things, activities, methods and administrative situationss

  • Liability for damages caused to public officials

  • Liability due to a law, an international convention, a legal decision of the administration

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